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IEGS Geography Class Visits London

By Megan Rocher

IEGS students in their third year taking Geography recently went on a field trip to London, accompanied by their teachers Mr. Bjarnestam and Mr. Walker. As part of their studies on the Geography 2 course, the aim of the trip was to investigate the urban geography, plans for sustainable urban development and city planning of London. On the trip the students carried out field work in the form of surveys at various locations in the city, asking Londoners about their knowledge and habits regarding sustainable transportation, water use and more.

The trip also included a number of visits to places of interest. Besides exploring the city´s many urban areas, mainly in the Canary Wharf area and Greenwich Hill, Tower Hamlets Town Hall was visited. There, the students got to meet with and interview professionals working with questions relating to planning and sustainability, and London City Hall was also visited. Furthermore, the Crystal Sustainability Centre, one of the world´s most sustainable buildings housing a much see worthy exhibition on sustainable cities, and the Museum of London Docklands were visited on the trip.

The students are currently continuing their work on sustainability by carrying out the same surveys as in London in Stockholm. They will then put together and analyse their findings and compare how the two cities are working with questions relating to sustainable urban development. The result of the students´ work will be displayed in an exhibition in the library at IEGS in March.

- Jesper Bjarnestam


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