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The IEGS Italian Exchange Trip

By Student Guest

“It first started 8-10 years ago. But it didn’t continue until it was restarted again 4 years ago by the Italian department and creative writing class I was running,” Mr. Frato tells us.

What is it he is talking about though? Nothing else but the IEGS Italian exchange trip!

As in previous years, students studying creative writing or Italian packed their bags and jumped on a plane last week to go and experience Rome, Italy. Whether it was to improve their language skills or their creative writing, the students each signed up for an exchange with a student in Italy. They stayed one week with their host family and will later this year take in the Italian student to their home.

The Writing students had a particular task while visiting Italy’s capital city. Their teacher, Mr. Frato, explained it for us: “The assignment is to write a story or a fragment of a historical fiction. So what we do is to learn the theory of history and historical fiction. We do research, go to the places where it happened, think about the environment and try to recreate it in a narrative fashion.

“We also learned about several different types of historical writing. For example, you may write about something that might have actually happened, make up a fictional person in a believable situation, or create a situation that’s not completely implausible but definitely never came to pass.”

Mr. Frato added, “If you are interested in experiencing this exchange trip next year, make sure you read Roman history or some other history taking place in Florence or in Italy in general. In doing so, you will gain knowledge and understanding while visiting various streets and monuments which will be beneficial for you long term.”

Sophia, one of the students who participated in the exchange said that “Just being nearby so many historical sites and seeing what they look like today is inspirational in itself.” She definitely recommends the trip to other students at IEGS, particularly creative writing students and those studying Italian. Especially if you want to experience something new and exciting next year!

[Authored by Gisselle Darman Cruz & Nicola Fitzgerald]

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