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IEGS News talks to The Love Squad

By Editor

(Image: Cupids in action...)

Last week love descended upon Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm. Well, to be precise "the Love Squad", who dished out roses to some of the lucky members of the school community.

IEG News talked to the Love Squad – Diana Amin (S3B), Sousan Seoud (S3C) and Risha Haq (S3B) to get the low down.

IEG News: Who came up with the idea of making Valentine's Day such an event at IEG this year? And who was involved?

Diana, Sousan & Risha: We really can't remember actually who first came up with it. The question popped up during a student council meeting. Two years ago there was a similar event in the school and it turned out really well so we wanted to bring it back to the school. There were a lot of people helping out: there are a hundred names for me to mention however I know if I mention any names I will probably forget somebody. However we owe a special thanks to all the cupids, the ones who helped decorating the school and the baking crew!

IEG News: How many roses did you give out?

Diana, Sousan & Risha: Approximately 120 roses were sent to both students and teachers!

IEG News: What kind of reactions did you get? From students? Teachers?

Diana, Sousan & Risha: People were mainly pleasantly surprised, some saw it coming; however, others had no idea that they were receiving a rose! The teachers in particular had no idea that they were getting a rose. Although the best reactions were of those who received anonymous roses. They were clueless yet so excited.

mr maier
Mr Maier gets rosed!

IEG News: What kind of positive vibe does something like this bring to the school?

Diana, Sousan & Risha: An event like this brings the students together, if the vibe is positive then students will be upbeat and they will be more likely to talk to each other no matter what year or class you are in, which helps strengthen the dynamic between everyone in school.

It is also something to look forward to when coming to school instead of the usual homework. What's more, since students and teachers spend so much of their time in school, it is fun when there is an event to spice up everyday life.

IEG News: Was it difficult to arrange everything or did it all just work out easily?

Diana, Sousan & Risha: It was tough when it came to managing the pressure; since people had payed for the roses, they were expecting something for their money.
We felt the pressure a bit. We were thinking: "What if we fail or the roses turn out horribly?"

Thankfully it all went well and the roses were perfect. I also think the most stressful part was the time pressure. We had to decorate the school and blow up helium balloons early in the morning before people came to school, at the same time as we had to arrange all the roses, what rose went where and to who, etc.

IEG News: A lot of staff thought this was a really positive thing to do. How else can students get involved in making IEG a better place to study and have fun?

What we noticed was that this event brought teachers and students together as well. As students we like to see the teachers loosen up now and then and have fun with the students. That makes IEG a fun place to be and in turn it becomes a better place to study.

So the question should really be: How do we get students and teachers involved and working together in making IEG a better place?

Basically any event which involves the both and at the same time is fun, and is almost guaranteed to make IEG a better school.

One idea might be to check with the students what they consider amusing as teachers and students can often have completely different ideas of what is fun.
A "Suggestion Box" might be a good idea. People from the whole school community – teachers AND students – could come with suggestions and we could use those ideas to create events as well as make changes to improve the overall environment in which we work and study.

Photos: Durgam Al-Kaizhwan (S3B) and Risha Haq (S3B)

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