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IEGS Students & Staff Do 5K

By Editor

As is tradition, IEGS students and staff started off the academic year with a 5 kilometer run over hill and valley at Ursviks Motionsgård in Sundbyberg. The 2013 run started at noon and ended with a brief award ceremony for the fastest girl, boy and winning House! This year’s winners were Meron Tekle (left), Weil Essaisi (right) & Pavlov House (center). Congratulations to you and well done all!

The day was graced by sunny skies, while President Obama’s visit to Sweden that day didn’t create any noteworthy logistics problems. A number of third year students shared with Dr. Heimeier previous weather horror stories, and some sadness at this being their last cross country run with the school.

Dr. Pratt, who both headed the event’s organization and came in first at the finish line this year – it may be rigged – had this to say after the run: Looking around at both students and teachers’ smiling faces I think everyone enjoyed the sunshine. It was a great opportunity to be outside the classroom, get to know the students and everyone encouraging everyone else. Great support.

Mr. Meier, the school’s counselor, came in a close second after Dr. Pratt, despite having a head start.

Mr Maier X Country 2013

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