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IEGS Welcomes Mr Hilary Jones

By Editor
Mr Hilary Jones
"Swedish students are so mature!"

This week IEG News talked to Mr Hilary Jones after his first week teaching at the school.

Mr Jones joined Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet to teach Physics and Maths – two of the most popular subjects on the curriculum !

"I've met about 200 or so students this week," admitted a slightly tired Mr Jones. "But it's been a great experience. Swedish students seem pretty mature compared to their American high school counterparts. Everyone seems polite and keen to study."

Why did you come to Sweden?

Mr Jones came to Sweden as a "love refugee" like many people in the international community. Although he's been here 6 months, he's already feeling at home.

"I love Stockholm," he says. "It's pretty similar to Seattle where I'm from."

He's settling in and enjoying life in the heart of the Swedish capital.

"I've learned some Swedish and can follow what students say in class if I hear them speaking Swedish. In town I mostly get by in English. Swedes speak English so well."

A different kind of school culture

Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet is Mr Jones's first experience of the House system.

"I guess it's a pretty British thing," admits Mr Jones. "We don't really have it in America. I think the first time I heard about Houses was Harry Potter!"

No doubt Mr Jones will soon be initiated into the wonderful Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet world of House competitions very soon. And as a member of Pavlov, the IEG community may find him wearing the Pavlov House school tie before too long!

To find out more about Mr Jones, his thoughts on physics and maths as well as how students can the most out of the coming year, watch out for the IEGS podcast that launches on Monday next week.

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