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IHC Baking Competition

By Lydia Barsawme

On the 26th of January IEGS hosted the first ever Inter House Baking Competition! Students and teachers from all houses were invited to participate, by bringing in homemade baked goods in one or more of the following three categories: Large Cakes, Biscuits & Cookies and Mini Cakes. Our three judges, Ms Dadey, Ms Moses and Ms Constantin, then had the very lucky and enjoyable task of tasting all of the entrees and judging them in the following categories: texture, appearance and of course flavour!

At the end of the day, the teachers out did the students with Dr Young taking first prize thanks to his delicious baked cheesecake! According to Dr Young, it was his tried and tested recipe that he has been using to make his kid's’ birthday cakes for years that secured him the win! Hopefully next year we’ll have the students taking top prize!

-Megan Rocher


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