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IHC Chess

By Megan Rocher

Chess. 16 pieces. One king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and eight pawns. It is a board game which not only requires intellect, but the ability to think strategically and quick. Chess IHC is without a doubt the most intense inter house competition, as players compete in a classic Berger tournament, in which contestants meet all other contestants in turn. With 5 minutes to play for each player, Chess IHC takes the price of being an exciting, intense and interesting competition throughout the years in IEGS.

For the past three years, King has won twice and Pavlov once. I still remember as if it was yesterday, when I first walked in the cafeteria, where the competition was being held. There were a couple of spectators waiting, the clocks were being fixed, some people were enjoying the free bread which was left in a basket. A couple minutes later, it all began. There was a constant clicking noise on the clock, people saying check, and a couple of intense moments. A couple minutes later, the games were finished and a new match began.

I remember that King completely dominated the last two years, with an incredible strong team, but things took a quick turn this year, with Pavlov as the winners. The Chess IHC this year was very interesting, as the points between the 1st, 2nd and 3d did not differentiate that much. Pavlov won with 67 points, King came second with 61 points and Russell came third with 59 points. Curie came in fourth place with 29 points.

Even though it was completely silent during the matches, the atmosphere exploded with laughs and positive attitudes after the games. Students talked with each other, discussed the results with teachers and some people even managed to grab a piece of burger. With the competition coming to the end, Pavlov received their trophy, which was well worthy. Group photos with each house was taken and everybody congratulated each other. I feel that this was the best part of the whole competition. Even though it is a competition which demands concentration, strategic and quick thinking which can easily drain the brain, there was still a nice vibe throughout the competition. I would totally encourage people to take part, even if you haven’t played chess so much. It is a nice time to both meet people and challenge your mind.

Prithul Kharel Chhetri, NV3E


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