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IHC Cross Country Results & Review

By Editor

The annual IHC Cross-Country took place on Wednesday at Ursviks motionsgård. Unlike previous years, the sun decided to shine upon IEGS students and staff, no doubt contributing to the cheerful atmosphere.

Whether students ran, walked or crawled round the 5km route, they each gathered points for their House.

“It is a great start to the Inter-House competitions calendar this year,” said Mr. Knox, who also thanked Dr. Pratt for his outstanding contribution towards the event’s success.

Teachers and students who didn’t take part stood at the finishing line cheering the runners, walkers and crawlers, encouraging them to give their all in the final sprint.

Afterwards, participants were given a well-deserved sandwich along with a smakis.

King House runner Oliver Ekesiöö from EC2C won the prize for fastest male. Elin Karlsson from S3A crossed the finish line to win the prize for fastest female for Russell House.

The winning House was Curie with a combination of their great times, overall participation and commitment.

“Curie really deserved to win,” said Mr. Knox. “It was a fantastic effort.”

A number of teachers completed the course with Mr Maier finishing in first place ahead of Dr Pratt and the winning students, almost beating his personal best.

All in all the IHC Cross Country was a massive success. It was great to see so many students making it to Ursvik to participate.

Congratulations to all the winners.

by Rebecka Lindeberg & Alva Winsa

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