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IHC Dance

By Lydia Barsawme

There is something special about dance. It gives people goosebumps, it excites people and makes them want to join in but it also brings out feelings that they didn’t even know they had. And for the dancers there is no difference. For them this is their creative outlet, it is their freedom and this is their way of telling a story. There is no surprise that this is something that makes this a beloved inter house competition that both the partitioners and the audience are waiting all year long for it.

The room is filled with energy. This is something that everyone wants to see, students and teacher alike. The dancers have seen the other houses perform during the dress rehearsals and they all know that if they are going to be the ones to win they needed to bring it this time. As the room slowly fill up, everyone is getting more and more nervous. As the light goes down, everyone knows that this means showtime.

Every year you see something new and exciting with the dances, and this year was no exception. The competition started out with King house doing a performance based on the idea of doing auditions. They managed to fit a huge variety of dances within the 10 minutes that they had, and they had a smart theme to go with it. Curie house decided to do something different. They decided to use this opportunity to focus on some of the issues that we have in today's society. In their dance that focused on the refugee crisis that we are facing today they showed off some great synchronisation and the energy that they had was through the roof! Russell house decided to show off using a dance based on the experience most people had through their highschool years. They amazed the audience with their energy and complex dance moves. To finish off the performances Pavlov house also decided to use this opportunity to bring light to some of the issues that people face today. With a dance focused on the issues of racism, poverty and sexism and they managed to show off some incredible transitions and some stunning formations.   

When it all came down to it, it was a close call. All the house had done a brilliant performance, and no one knew who was going to win. As the judges walked on stage the room was buzzing with excitement and all everyone wanted to know was who was going to win. When it came down to it Russell were the ones that took home the trophy this year.

This competition is not something easy.It requires extreme discipline and creativity.  Everyone has put in weeks of their times to practise to make the performances perfect. This was a great competition, and I am looking forward to seeing it again next year.

Moa Johansson Maliniemi


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