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IHC Debate 2014 - 2015

By Tao Wang

At 8AM sharp the respective teams of Curie and Pavlov gathered outside the Pavlov corridor, awaiting the first motion of the IHC Debate this year. The team captains were called in and a few minutes later the doors opened and it was announced:

This house would reintroduce National Service to Sweden between the ages of 18 to 21, with Curie as the proposition and Pavlov as the opposition. This required a model on how this reintroduction of National Service would be implemented in our society and this lies on Curie.

After mentor time, students of all four houses shuffled into the aula, awaiting the arguments the respective teams had to say and impatiently awaited the announcement of who would go onto the finals to bring the trophy to their house. Argument after argument, clash after clash, with a valiant effort from both Curie and Pavlov, it was then announced that Pavlov would go onto the finals.

Now, after the winner was announced, it was the anticipation of who would go against Pavlov in the finals.

This house would introduce a binding ban on global carbon emission by 2050, was the motion set out against Russell v. King. With Russell as the proposition, it lied on them to bring up a model on how they would implement a binding ban on global carbon emission. Both King and Russell had extremely strong speakers, however, without a model from the proposition, it was announced that the house against Pavlov in the finals, would be King house.

With this year’s IHC debate finals, between King v. Pavlov, there was a nervosity and anticipation on what the final motion of this year would be. The doors opened at 8AM, the captains of both King and Pavlov walked out and the motion was finally announced:

This house would divide the costs for the containment and treatment of the Ebola outbreak equitably and globally. King, last year’s champions, were the proposition and thus had the job of setting up a model on how they would divide the cost equitably and globally, with Pavlov as the opposition.

Tension ran high between the two teams as they walked up onto the stage of the aula at 4PM and it finally began.

The judges, Dr Whiteley and Mr Hemingway walked into the dark corners of a room to discuss the winner of the 2014 IHC Debate competition and when they finally come out, one could almost feel the apprehension and hopefulness radiating off from both the debaters and the audience.

This year’s winner of the 2014 IHC debate competition was announced as King house. It was an incredibly close debate, where the judges went into the deliberation room with no clear view on who had won this debate. However, with just a half a point margin, the victory went to King. Congratulations to both the debaters in King and Pavlov, it was an incredible debate!


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