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IHC Song 2017

By Megan Rocher

Every year the traditional IHC Song takes place, where each house chooses a song that they sing acapella. This is an event where the whole house is involved, with around 200 students getting on stage and singing together. It is quite powerful and impressive! Since IEGS cannot hold 700 students and staff in the aula, the whole school makes its way over to Åså Gymnaisum down the road, and prepares for the event! It’s a great show of spirit, teamwork and of course talent too!

This year Ms Bogren and Mr Parnell were our hosts and they did an awesome job! They were very funny and kept us all laughing. The first house to sing was last year's winners, Pavlov House, who kicked us off with I wish I was a punk rocker by Sandi Thom. Next up we saw Curie House performing Love Runs Out by OneRepublic. For the first time in the events history we had to two houses choosing the same artist, when King House sang Counting Stars also by OneRepublic. Finally Russell House kept things Swedish by taking on Take a chance on me by ABBA.

In between the acts our hosts continued to keep us entertained, we even got a message from ABBA!

After all the houses sang it was time for the judges to deliberate and pick the winner, all the houses were great so they definitely had a tough job! While the judges were deciding we had some entertainment, the dance group was electric, showcasing different styles and music! Then the staff surprised us with a video clip of our star struck teachers, which was really funny! Finally it was time for the winner to be announced... and Pavlov House took the title once again. As is tradition, Pavlov took to the stage one last time to deliver their winning performance a final time.It was a great event, not always you see so many students coming together and working as a team to create something harmonious and beautiful. It was really fun and I definitely look forward to next year's event as well as the other IHCs for this year.

Congrats again to Pavlov House and to all the houses for doing such a great job!

Pavlov Captains with Dr Heimeier and Mr Van Staalduine, Pavlov Head of House

Pavlov singing 'I wish I was a punk rocker' by Sandi Thom 




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