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IHC X-Country 2016

By Megan Rocher

Written by Mr Foster: 

As I was going to sleep I could tell it would be a restless night. Thinking off all the elements of preparation for the cross country. Tossing and turning hoping I had not forgot anything, wondering how my house and mentor class will perform. What fancy dress to wear and would anyone have the same costume? My daughter must have also sensed the excitement as she wet the bed at 3:30​am​. With a change of sheets and double check of the packing list it was time to go back to dreaming of previous cross country events and speculating about what Thursday would bring. 

Thursday 6:30am grabbing my alarm as it rang I eagerly arose for the day. Breakfast was brief but nutritious. The day looked cloudier than the weather report predicted but that was no reason to alter my plans so I packed my sun cream and water. Whilst waiting to leave I was once again stuck in thought hoping the students pack all they need, that they will find the venue, challenge themselves, accomplish a personal goal and most importantly have a fun and safe day. 

​The tension built, students arrived in full spirits and some in full costume, set up was smooth and Dr. Pratt had everything more than under control. Before the start there were mixed feelings; anticipation, focus and even misconceptions about the runs significance on PE grading. After nerves were calmed it was almost time to begin. Ms. Dadey was providing some classic phat beats via the ghetto blasta to help arouse that cross country feeling.  Dogs, babies, teachers and students alike most in fancy dress lined the hill at the start of the 2016 Cross-country Inter House competition at Ursviks Motionsgård. With final instructions and a blast of the hooter there was a flurry of colours, smiles and sweat hitting the trails.

​Shortly after Mr. ​Van Bakel ​kept a 9 year tradition of teachers crossing first alive, but 20 seconds behind was the first student King house member Daniel Zhang from IB2G (also a tradition the quickest student is not a 3rd year- the challenge is set for next year Daniel!)​. About 3 minutes later the first student identifying as female crossed to reclaim her title, congratulations to Ebba​ Ganslandt​ form ​NV2​C​. ​Other notable mentions must go out to people making it 5km dressed as ​Bananas​,​​running in ​morphsuits​,​​formal graduate​ attire,​ pirate hats, ​Semi​-​naked pole-bearers ​,Cowgirls, ​Feathered headband​or even just facepaint (not always in the same condition as the beginning)​. The conclusion of the event was like a family picnic with groups of people recovering, enjoying pasta and sitting in the park. ​This was disrupted by the blasting of hooters, which Mr Theding seemed to enjoy a little too much​, and the awards ceremony! The fastest students which have been mentioned earlier, the most in fancy dress went to Russell and the overall most points for the running section, also Russell!

Seeing most of the students complete the course, having mainly minor medical issues such as blisters dealt with it was time to pack up and go home. As always the superstars, the staff, the students ensured the area was cleaned efficiently and left that warm fuzzy feeling house events provide. It was great to hear someone mention that they felt the area was in a better state than when we arrived. Special mentions to Dr. Pratt, teaching staff assisting, students for participating, offering assistance and representing themselves in fantastic light WHAT A DAY, WHAT AN EVENT!

Until next year!

Mr. Foster


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