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International Young Pioneer Union Summit 2017

By Megan Rocher

Between the 9th and 14th of July, when most students were enjoying their summer break, Shelby Edlund (SP2D) and Filip Mellin (NS2A), participated in the International Young Pioneer Union Summit in Shenzhen, China. IYPUS was founded in 2012 and has, till now, successfully held five conferences.

Students across four continents, from over hundreds of prestigious high schools have attended the conference over the past five years. Each year the discussion has focused on a specific topic such as “An Ideal School”, “Innovated Commonweal” and “E-ducation: The information Age of Education”. This year the topic was “Environmental Globalization” and the discussion focused on environmental protection and the opportunities and responsibilities that come with living in an increasingly globalized world. Shelby and Filip, along with 30 other delegates, researched the topic and participated in round-table conferences, lectures, seminars and field trips. All their hard work resulted in an academic essay and a presentation for an invited audience.

In addition to their academic achievements Shelby and Filip have had an unforgettable cultural experience and made friends for life. Read their comments on the IYPUS below:

Every year the IYPU conference has a different theme with a global perspective. If you are interested in discussing global issues with international peers this is the trip for you! My takeaways from the trip are how fortunate we are with our Western education and the importance of international dialogue. As a participant, you get to experience a variety of Chinese cultures as there are participants from all over China. I also learned that international cooperation is not as difficult as one could expect and on this trip, you will get to speak on an international stage. This is a challenging and fun week, but not for the weak!

Having the privilege to be able to travel to China and experience the Chinese city life, culture and education first hand was truly one of the most eventful and meaningful things in my entire life. Our days were relatively long and consisted of different things such as: participating in conferences, discussing globalization related subjects, going on field trips, eating Chinese food and my personal favourite, which was spending time with our Chinese friends.

One of the most significant things that I took part in during the trip was the culture, it fascinated me that there are subtle cultural differences in nearly everything we collectively do. Such as the fact that nearly nobody drinks anything with their meals, and if they do they never drink cold water, as they believe it to be “dirty”. Or the fact that students often stay up studying until 4 o’clock in the morning and barely get any sleep until they head for school the next day.


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