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An Interview with Fanny Karlberg

By Editor

This week IEGS talked to Fanny Karlberg, one of the students in the school who has done so much to promote dancing in the community. She recently choreographic Russell's winning entry in the Inter House Dance Competition. Fanny's also been one of the faces of the school this year in our marketing.

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IEGS News: You recently choreographed the winning entry in this year's House Dance Competition. What did involve? And how was it?

Fanny Karlberg: Yes, we had so much fun and everyone that participated was so involved. We started to practice just before the break, and we also came into the school during the break. Everyone learned something new during the process, and in many ways we became a family. After the competition was over we were all like "what do we do now?".

The day of the dance competition were we were all nervous. During the performance everyone did a really good job, although I actually think we were better in our final rehersals. I guess nerves have a lot to do with it.

When the judges deliberated the comments about all the houses I started to cry because I was and I still am so proud of everyone that was involved in Russell house. And I also want to mention that without Saga Moss's help this great performance would never happened.

IEGS News: You've got quite a lot of experience dancing, I understand. Can you tell us something about your dance background?

Fanny Karlberg: I started dance seriously in 2007, so that is five years ago. During these years I have been doing a lot of different things. I was involved in a dance group called Stylez. We were preforming at different events all around Sweden, some examples are when Ericsson Globe 20th anniversary and in front of the Idol-queue, and also at "The Last Bounce" show. But in 2010 Stylez split up.

Then I started to dance with Rawnak Badee, my sister Alexandra Karlberg and Malin Burén: we are called Funky Fresh. So now we are doing some events and we are also background dancers to celebrities, including Sibel. I have also been to the hip hop world championship in Poland, and also been competing here in Sweden for two years.

IEGS News: What do you think of the opportunities to dance at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet?

Fanny Karlberg: In the school we have this really great dance studio, and there are many people that are interested in dancing and I also feel that the teachers enjoy it too.

I also think that after the dance competition both the students and teachers recognized that dancing is not just about moving your body: it so much more than that. It's a way to express feelings. It's hard to describe how important it is as a form of expression. There aren't enough words to explain it.

IEGS News: How could we get more people dancing at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet?

My sister Alexandra Karlberg, Rawnak Badee and I were meant to have dance classes every Wednesday, but we have so much to do with school work that it's been hard to do that this year. But the plan is to try and fix that for next year because there's a lot of interest in dance. I also think the competition has done a lot to make it more popular.

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IEGS News: You've also been in a lot of promotional pictures for the school this year both in the papers and on posters. What's that felt like? Any funny stories?

It feels really funny that the school chose the picture of me and Andrew Sumba as one of the key marketing pictures for the year. I think it really shows what the school is about. It is not just studying hard; we also have fun and that picture captures that. When we doing the shoot I just jumped on Andrew's back and it became such a great photo. It has a lot of energy.

Some funny stories... Oh, I have one. Ut was the same day when an advert promoting Open House appeared in Metro. When I got on the train I sat in front of a man, and he was reading Metro, and then I saw that he were looking at the page were the picture of me and Andrew Sumba were. Then he looked up and looked down in the paper and then looked at me agin with this look of shock. I just started because it was such a weird and funny thing to happen.

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