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Interview: Isabel Svedros, Curie House

By Editor

Text & Communications students Josephine Hägg, Lo Lagercrantz, Eric Loureiro & Anna Bojic have talked to some of the House Captains at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet House.

This is the second interview in the series. The previous interview was with Manna Vosta, House Captain of King

IEGS: What does the house system mean to you as a student?
Isabel Svedros: The house system adds something extra to school, and you get a chance to get to know fellow students through something else than just studying together. Instead of just academic work you have fun in school as well through competitions and assemblies. I have learnt to work more in groups with lots of new people, planning different exciting events. Also I’ve learnt to take responsibility when planning big activities for my fellow house members.

What sets your house apart from the others??In Curie, we have a different structure of the house where both first, second and third years take equal responsibility. We also have a few class representatives from each class, making our house more democratic in my opinion. Our house is more student-led, we don’t have as much teacher involvement. It’s good because it prepares us for our future, you wont always have a teacher holding you hand!

IEGS: Describe your house in one word:
Isabel Svedros: Amazing!

IEGS: Why don't you have a house captain?
Isabel Svedros: We don’t have a house captain because we want everyone to be involved in the house decisions, making our house more democratic that the others in my opinion.

What would you tell a ninth grader in order to convince them that the house system is one of the reasons they should choose our school?

The house system really adds something extra to the school, it makes IEGS to what it is. It takes focus from studies and helps us build a nice atmosphere with team spirit. I love how teachers become more than just sources of information but real team mates in the competitions.

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