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Interview: Manna Vosta, King House

By Editor

Text & Communications students Josephine Hägg, Lo Lagercrantz, Eric Loureiro & Anna Bojic have talked to some of the House Captains at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet House.

Here's the first interview with King House Captain Manna Vosta.

Manna Vosta, King House

IEGS: What does the house system mean to you as a student and why are houses important?
Manna Vosta: Your House is like your family. It gives you a place to belong and enables all students to get to know more people in the school. The house system makes our school special, for us school means so much more than just homework and grades. The Inter House Competitions are like frosting on an already delicious cake, and they are the highlights of the school year. However, winning isn’t the most important thing, I mean we didn’t win the Debate, but our debaters were terrific and the audience had a blast.

IEGS: What sets your house apart from the others?

King House

Manna Vosta: King House is the biggest house. We have more engaged students this year and they make us awesome. This year the rest of the school is in for something new, something that’s never been seen before, THE RETURN OF THE KING! We are much stronger this year. The song from the IHC Song competition has become our motto; Don’t Stop Believing!

IEGS: Describe your house in one word
Manna Vosta:Awesome

IEGS: What is your house tactics in the competitions?
Manna Vosta: “Don’t Stop Believing” and have fun.

IEGS: What is your House planning right now for Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet?
Manna Vosta: You will find out, I’m not going to spoil the surprise.

IEGS: Why do you have two house captains?
Manna Vosta: Well, every well-functioning society has one leader, but the leader also has a right hand-man. I'm the King House Captain this term and Dinar is the Vice Captain, and vice versa next term. However, we are both equally involved, and since we both have our areas of experties we make one complete person. I think it's better to have two Captains becuse being alone might be too much responsibility and hard to handle.

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