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Interview: World's Aid Day

By Editor

It's World Aids Day on December 1. IEGS News talked to 3rd year student Ikra Ferdaus about how significant it is to mark this event at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet

IEGS: You want students at the school to wear red on Wednesday December 1 to commemorate World Aids Day. Why is it important students take part?

Ikra Ferdaus: It is a little cheesy, but I believe that the "near" future, let us say 5-8 years are in our hands. We can influence and affect the society we want to live in. This is a good way of showing that we want a society where Hiv/Aids victims are not discriminated for their disease, which is not only important for people who are not sick in hiv/aids, but also for those who are. They need the support, right now most of them are enbarrassed and afraid of speaking openly about their disease because of the reactions from people around them. I really don't think it should be that way, or that we want a society where people can be so opressed because of a disease.

IEGS: Do you think schools do enough to raise awareness about the risks of HIV / Aids.

Ikra Ferdaus: I don't. Of course, we are taught this and that about sex and protection, but from what I've seen we have not discussed Hiv/Aids that much. We are taught that we should use protection to prevent the risk of getting any STD. We listen to everyone saying how bad and "discusting" it is, and that is where we learn to think in a particular way about people with a STD. But why do we not talk about how it is to live with Hiv/Aids? We could learn so much from them and their situation. Our way of thinking is usually because we are afraid and because of our lack of knowledge about Hiv/Aids.

IEGS: Can student action get the message out to other people in society?

Ikra Ferdaus: I believe it can, atleast a little. As of now the event has over 700 people attending from different countries such as USA and Malaysia and, ofcourse, Sweden.
But people don't know about World Aids Day, the PR for this important day have been nearly absent. I would suggest students and teachers at school to encourage family, friends at practise and friends at other schools to wear red the 1st of December. You taught us that most people believe in a personal recommendation so that is a great way to go. I have met random people at my internship who knew about the event but had not attended it yet, and when I talked to them they thought that it was a cool thing to do and they went home and attended it! On Monday (tomorrow) I will talk to my Cheerleading team about this encourage the whole team to wear red on practise.

IEGS: What would your dream scenario be in terms of the action on Wednesday? How would you love to see the Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet community respond to World Aids Day?

Ikra Ferdaus:I would love to see an ocean of people wearing red in the corridors. I want it to really show, not just one here and one there but everywhere! And I would love the teachers to wear red too, that would be so inspiring. It gives me a feeling of that we're in this together. I would love red lips, nails, hair accessories or a red dress, a top or a red skirt for girls and red shirts or pants (I know you have them guys!!!) on guys. Anything works, really. You could send in your World Aids Day Pictures to the event!!

IEGS: What will you be wearing?

Ikra Ferdaus:Haha, I've been thinking about it...Since I'm turning 18 the same day I still want to look a bit nice. So I will be wearing a girly red dress :) Oh, and by the way here is the link to the Facebook Event!

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