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IT Solution on its way [Dr Benedikz writes]

By Editor

Dear Students,
I would like to personally apologise for the computer problems that you have experienced this week. Unfortunately, the wireless network has been down and the number of machines available has not been sufficient. Although we placed an order for new machines early in the summer, an administrative error meant that this was regrettably not filled.

I can understand the frustration this will have caused. I'm currently away attending a course and staying at a conference centre where there is no network available. I've even had to get this message to you via my mobile phone. So I can appreciate just how frustrating it is not having access to the Net. Sometimes, it seems, things happen that are beyond our control.

Nevertheless, you can be sure that the events of this week will force us to look closely at our IT set-up. We are firmly committed to providing you with the resources you need to carry out your studies.

Immediate Solutions

I'm pleased to tell you that, after consultation with 24 Solutions –who provide our IT services– and our head office in Täby, Mr Spires and Mr Edwards have informed me that:

  • 40 more workstations will be in place by Monday
  • a guest WiFi network will be available from Friday with sufficient capacity for those of you with laptops & netbooks

Boxes are being unpacked with machines this afternoon so more of you should be able to get online in the immediate future.

Thanks to Mr Spires, Mr Edwards, HQ and 24 Solutions, better service will be resumed shortly.

I shall be back in school on Monday, and look forward to seeing what's in place. In the mean time,
Very best wishes,

Dr Benedikz
Principal, IEGS

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