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The Keys to Your Future

By Editor

(Next stop - destination unknown)

Third year Text & Communications student Patrik Gorajek Karimi looks at where Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet can take you.

Many students at Internationella Engelska Gymnasium (IEGS) are thinking about studying directly after high school and many of them have dreams of studying study abroad.

The idea of using the knowledge and experience that they have gained from the high school, and to become something that they want to, is something that many feel.

“I have always been passionate about biomedicine,” says Jacqueline Montano, who is on the Natural Science/biomedicine programme. “I want to study biomedicine directly after high school because my brain is still fresh and I want to go out with two feet on the ground out to the world.”

Students at IEGS put a lot of emphasis on their studies, with every single pupil here taking their studies very seriously. Everyone knows just how important it is to develop your knowledge because without knowledge, it is very hard to become something, especially if you have high expectation about yourself.

From day one, IEGS helps students get on the right track.

“IEGS has really helped me to get on the track that I want to,” says Filip-Carl Dahlqvist (Social Science & Drama). “When I started the school, I chose the Social Science Program and before I started the school, I didn't know what I wanted to be in the future but now I know. When I go to the drama section, I have realized that its drama that I want to work with and later on maybe with theatre or movie. I feel that the drama department has influenced me a lot.”

IEGS plays a big role

IEGS is not like the other schools. In many respects we students believe it is very different to what else is out there. The teachers want you to be able to fulfil your dream, no matter what. And besides helping you to fulfil your dreams and the expectations you have, the school has worked hard to forge connections with universities abroad. In the last year alone IEGS has had visits from Cambridge, Yale as well as representatives from the Scottish universities. It’s almost as if you enter the doors of IEGS, even more doors will open for you.

“The school has influenced me quit a lot actually,” says Eric Loureiro, a third year Social Science & languages student. “I want to work abroad because that is my passion and I have really earned a much greater language skills after attending course for 3 years. IEGS has really opened all the possible doors for me.”

Project work influenced many students

The final year of gymnasium is one that many have looked forward to for more than 10 years. It’s a year with a lot of parties and a lot of fun, but it is also a very tough year and there is a lot of work to do and many students often feel stressed.

There is, however, one thing that students really look forward to when going into the last year of school: project work.

With project work, students are able to choose anything they want to work with for a whole year. Thenin the last month of the school they present the results of their research to the second years.

In the presentations the student discusses what she or he has done, learned and experienced. Many students find it very challenging but it can also be one of the most enjoyable aspects of your study programme.

For some students the project is a great source of inspiration.

“I remember one time Mr. Edwards gave us a task. Were we were supposed to come up with a business idea which we would like to work with. That was when I came up with the idea for my project – opening a sports bar and I presented it to the entire class,” says Dinar Basar. “They really liked it and I got some positive feedback from the teacher. After that I decided to work with it as a project work. If it works out I might open a sports bar for real. Then I’ll have to thank IEGS and Mr. Edwards."

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