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King Students Celebrate the Life of MLK

By Editor
(Image: Martin Luther King)

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

King students write:
Today we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr and his unconquerable spirit. It is a day to remember this man who, throughout his life, chose to serve others. But it shall also serve as a reminder of that very human essence, which we all share.

No matter what differences we find in others in everyday life, no matter the struggle we sometimes face to understand and to be understood, we are all one at heart.

Sometimes, though, the very thing that connects us and makes us beautiful lies in those very differences. We are all individuals, and we should always be allowed to be our own unique selves. This is where this school, and King House, are such brilliant communities. “Excellence through diversity” is our school’s motto, and nothing sums up the message of Martin Luther King, Jr. better.

So dear Kings, Pavlovians, Russells and Curies enjoy the celebration in memory of an amazing man and the beautiful human spirit

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