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Language Day at IEGS

By Editor

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Celebrations of the European Day of Languages were a great success at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet today.

Students who had modern language classes between 13.20 and 15.35 all came to the Aula in lieu of their usual classes.

"We had a 150-strong audience, at least!" says Ms Lescarmontier Banks.

The celebration consisted of a short introduction of the Day and its relevance for our international school, followed by performances in Spanish, German and Chinese.

"Brave students had plucked up the courage to sing on stage in the respective languages, and they were great!" says Ms Lescarmontier Banks.

A short film made by students of French was then shown – a promotion of the language itself and of our school in French, and there were a few fun moments of students experimenting with the language as well,

A video about Italians behaving in their own special and unique way in Europe created a lot of laughter, while a promotion of Chinese traditions transported everyone to another world.

Students all had a go at learning and teaching languages to each other: we heard over 30 languages and dialects spoken throughout the Aula.

"This went a long way to demonstrate just how linguistically rich our school community really is!" says Ms Lescarmontier Banks. "The enthusiasm generated among staff and students has made us want to do even better next year."

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