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The Lunch Crush

By Editor

Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm introduced free lunches to the students of IEGS on August 23, 2010 in accordance with the new school regulations that state that all municipalities, except those that opt out of the scheme, will pay for school dinners for students at so-called "free" and state schools.

“It’s really good to be able to offer the majority of the IEGS student’s free lunch,” said Dr.Benediktz principal of Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet.

In the past there have been a few cases where students have been caught “stealing” food causing several problems for kitchen staff working in Klein's Corner.

“It now makes my job a lot easier,” said Roumana, who runs the diner. “I don’t have to go around chasing people to make sure they’ve paid.”


Problems still remain for the Klein’s Corner kitchen as they're now responsible for providing lunch for over 700 students and staff.

Although Mr. Taylor – head of safety and security at the IEGS – or Mr James Roberts is often present to keep students from rushing in to eat lunch too early, it can sometimes be rather crowded in the diner as neither Mr Taylor or Mr Roberts can always be present as they have other responsibilities.

“The stress is even more so now than before, since it doesn’t give us a chance to order more food in time, if it runs out. If we’re expecting a class of 30, two classes show up instead!” said Roumana.

This affects the students as well as several classes are on a tight schedule and don’t have time to wait for more food to be made available if it runs out.

At times if feels as if it’s steadily becoming more difficult for the diner to keep up to speed and provide food for everyone, as well as space in the dining hall.

“The students have to take their own responsibility and follow the rules and make sure they eat at the right time because 10 minutes, believe it or not makes a huge difference to the Klein’s corner kitchen staff,” said Mr. Taylor. "Otherwise it becomes chaos."

With the school and Klein's looking to improve the situation for everyone it's necessary that students respect the rules currently in place.

by Amina Arte from the Text and Communication Course.

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