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Martin Luther King Day at IEGS

By Editor

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King House honoured the figure who their house is named after, Martin Luther King Jr by celebrating Martin Luther King day on the January 16.

The house assembly had a special guest, Irene Glasser, who was a civil rights activist in the 1960s. Ms Glasser spoke of the difficulties of living in a divided society and having to follow laws that she and many other opposed. Irene shared many stories and examples of problems that was part of everyday life in Oklahoma during this time.

Mr Glasser, who teaches Music at IEGS, then joined his mum with some songs that were shared to unite and give people the hope and the determination to fight for change in a peaceful way.

On Monday, each house were invited to share their dreams and the house used "I have a dream" in a moment of unity during the day.

This was a great opportunity to reflect and remember what Martin Luther King and it was wonderful to be able to share this with all houses.

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