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Memories On Sale – Today!

By Editor

Trelease of the new 2010/2011 IEGS Yearbook takes place today, Wednesday, May 25th 2011. It will be available for purchase during the IEGS Leaver’s Dinner and in the school entrance during May 25 and May 26.

Working in close collaboration with IEGS Communications Officer Jon Buscall, 26 students from the Text and Communication class have successfully produced a Yearbook with over 100 pages of memories from the current school year. The book includes both journalistic articles about key events as well as over 700 photos.

“We want to make sure everyone gets a copy of the Yearbook. It’s going to be beyond great,” says Miriam Tesfazion, third year student and member of the Marketing Team. “A Yearbook is the perfect memorabilia for high school students. This year’s Yearbook is truly worth the money”.

While previous Yearbooks have suffered from pages falling out, this year’s Yearbook will be held together with a spiral back, covered by a tough outer cover.

Win an iPod Touch

Tesfazion also acknowledges special offers in conjunction of buying the 2010/2011 Yearbook. Apart from receiving a Yearbook consisting of memories in print, purchasers of the book will have the chance to win an iPod Touch. The lucky winner will have a handwritten note from Dr Buscall in the Autographs section of the book.

In addition, all profits will go to SOS Barnbyar's work towards education.

Contrary to popular belief, the Yearbook is not solely for third year students. It is for all of those who want to remember their high school years.

Details and Pricing

•Just 200 copies are available
•Yearbook costs 200 SEK.
•Pre-booked Yearbooks are available for 80 SEK.

Contact Dr Jon Buscall for further information

[Release by Miriam Tesfazion]

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