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On Mountain Money

By Editor

What is Mountain Money, you might ask? Well it's another word, follow me closely, for toilet paper. Leaving the city, we take our economy with us, but dollars and Kronor become worthless and the laws of nature take over. No more survival of the wittiest. Over the weekend, IEGS students braved their way through wood and dale at Paradiset Nature Reserve in Haninge with nothing but what they could carry. Yes, mountain money was among the supplies. Over 60 students and a number of staff camped out for two nights and three days. Some students had never had the opportunity to camp before, and so it was a great way to get back to basics, and get into the vital things that matter most about living. Of course the woods, like any good website, had their own FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). Among these were:

  • Are we there yet?
  • What else can we grill over the fire?
  • Does this tent come with instructions?
  • But didn't you pack the toilet paper?


One of our students, Isabel Zelada, said this of the trip: "Over the fire you get to talk to those faces that pass you everyday in the hallways and something about the obscure lighting makes them reveal a little more of themselves, a smile you never saw before or a tender story about their life. Best of all, you leave with a whole different connection to those you dragged there and those who dragged you there. And definitely, you learn a lot about those you spent hours laughing with due to marshmallow malfunctions." Mr. Maier had similar thoughts on the weekend's events: "A 'hostile take over' best describes our camp site with a huge range of tents going up, music playing, two big camp fires getting started. A 10 person tent we referred to as 'the Hilton'. After the circus tents went up, the activities began. A fierce House battle of capture the flag began, where Pavlov teamed with King against an outnumbered Curie and Russell. Although Pavlov defended their base with a ferocious line of calculated and methodical defenses, Currie and Russell fought hard...and bent the rules a bit (putting the flag too high on top of a huge boulder). Oops! "The highlight of the trip by far is the nature of what happens when you put people together in challenging situations. People connect!! People genuinely discover new faces, new aspects of themselves. Whether it is sharing in the cooking, setting up tents, encouraging someone along a difficult hike...people connect."

IEGS Camping Trip 2013 Group Photo

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