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Ms Ulvgården Sings for the King

By Editor

Earlier this week we spoke to IEGS teacher Ms Ulvgården about the "new" Economics / Law programme that's scheduled to be offered to students entering the school in August 2011. There's a podcast coming up in Week 40 with Ms Ulvgården where she talks about the new programme so watch out for that.

One thing we also touched on when we talked was that she recently sung for the king!

"It was at Slottskyrkan. I sing in a quartet and we were invited to sing at an event for all the clergy that are appointed by Statskyrkan," Ms Ulvården said.

"All the clergy were there with their wives and we sang for them."

Among the audience was King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia.

"We knew beforehand that he was coming but it was quite exciting," says Ms Ulvården.

However, she wasn't nervous.

"No, I don't really worry when I sign. I just get lost in the music."

Afterwards the quartet were introduced to the royal couple.

"We got to shake hands after we were presented to the king and queen. Later, he passed us in the corridor and he told us that he really liked our performance," says Ms Ulvgården.

If that's not all, Ms Ulvgården is set to be featured in a national Swedish magazine soon, a little bird told IEGS News.

"It's to do with how she changed career from Law to teaching," the anonymous source told us!

Well, IEGS News will keep you posted.

Your Chance to Sing

In the meantime, as well as teaching Swedish and Law at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet, Ms Ulvgården organises the annual Lucia Choir. The opportunity to get involved will be announced later in the term.

Once again, look out for the podcast interview about the new Law Programme on Monday, October 4th.

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