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Numera negerkung - Kevin Frato

By Editor
King of the Canibals by Mr Frato
King of the Canibals by Mr Frato

Congratulations to IEGS's very own Mr Frato whose novel Numera negerkung (King of the Cannibals) is due for imminent publication.

The novel, which mixes Swedish and English, is about Harley, a 17-year-old boy with a wild imagination, who leaves the USA for Sweden to avoid being drafted into the war in Iraq.

It touches on such disparate subjects as USA’s domestic and foreign policies, war, how language affects our identity, art and love. It is an intelligent, funny and sad story with a political and linguistic edge, says his agent, Nordic Literary Agency.

Mr Frato, originally from the US, has been in Sweden since 1998 and is a familiar face along the corridors of IEGS having taught here for several years.

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