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Parents Evening - "A great opportunity"

By Editor

Dr Benedikz welcomed parents to the school on Wednesday evening for the first Parents Evening of the academic year.

"It was a great opportunity to meet so many parents and I'm pleased by the turnout," said Dr Benedikz, who made a point of reading the IEGS Ethos to parents during her talk.

Dr Benedikz talks to parents
Dr Benedikz talks to parents

Each member of teaching staff was introduced and parents had the opportunity to learn more about SchoolSoft, Studying Abroad, and the school's care team.

Representatives from the PTA were also present.

Students from the school helped show the guests around and refreshments were provided by the Sewing Club and the Book Club.

"It's always hectic getting everything sorted for evenings like this," said Dr Benedikz "but I think it was a success. I'd like to thank students and staff for making the evening so successful."

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