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Pavlov Argue Their Way to Victory

By Editor
The victors

Pavlov House won the Inter House Debate today at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet with a valiantly fought victory over Curie House.

The event took place in the school Aula and was well attended with students and teachers from all four Houses filling the auditorium.

This year's debate was characterised by excellent argumentation and creativity.

The judges – Dr Whiteley, Ms Pope and Mr Hemmingway – were faced with a tough decision to decide the winners after both sides put their case strongly in response to the statement that "God is dead."

"Curie took a risk because they argued that God is not alive but lives in a transcendental state," said Dr Benedikz. "But they argued their case well."

"Pavlov basically won, as far as I see it, because they said that because God is part of people's belief systems and everyday life, the idea of God is alive," explained Dr Benedikz. "Presented with this argument, Curie did not counter sufficiently."

This is the second Inter House competition Pavlov have won this term after their victory in the Inter House Cross Country Race.

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