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Peter Fyles, CEO Engelska Skolan AB

By Editor
Mr Fyles. Probably the happiest man in the company (today!)
Mr Fyles. Probably the happiest man in the company (today!)

There are plenty of people behind the success of Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm and today seems a fitting day to introduce Peter John Fyles, CEO of Engelska Skolan AB – the company that owns IEGS– to new students.

Mr Fyles is no doubt the happiest man in the company today as his favourite football team, Burnley, beat champions Manchester Utd last night on their first home game in England's top flight of football for 33 years.

Mr Fyles, originally from the UK, has been Managing Director of IES since 2005, having previously worked as Principal of IES Gävle.

Everyone at IEGS hopes Mr Fyles, who has published a book about growing up in Burnley, will be able to celebrate his teams survival in top flight football come the end of the season!

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