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Physics Students Impress in International Study

By Editor

IEG students recently took part in TIMSS Advanced 2008.

TIMSS Advanced assesses students in the final year of upper secondary school in advanced mathematics and physics.

The advanced mathematics assessment covers the content areas of Algebra, Calculus, and Geometry. The physics assessment measures four content areas: Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Heat and Temperature, and Atomic and Nuclear Physics.

The report has recently been finished and IEG staff received feedback from Skolverket – The Swedish National Agency for Education – on how well our school did on a national level.

"Apparently the result from our physics group which participated was significantly above the national average," says Mr Slaiman Afram.

The final international report states that:

The Netherlands was the top-performing country in physics, by nearly 50 score points. The next highest achieving countries, Slovenia and Norway, had very similar average achievement. These three countries, together with the Russian Federation, performed above the scale average. Sweden and Armenia had average achievement very close to the scale average, and Iran, Lebanon, and Italy had average achievement below the scale average. With the exception of the Netherlands, most countries had a wide range between the highest and lowest achieving students, particularly the Russian Federation.

It's good to hear, however, that amongst Swedish students, IEG students performed "significantly above average".

The report is available here.

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