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Qualified Teachers ?

By Editor

It's disappointing when statistics are used against the school.

Statistics don't tell the whole story
Statistics don't tell the whole story

Take's information about Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet. According to their statistics, there are only 29% qualified teachers at the school.

As anyone who goes to the school will tell you, this figure is incredibly misleading; Skolverket does not consider teachers who are, say, qualified teachers in Canada, the UK, the USA, etc, to be qualified teachers in Sweden. Even though they may have gone through a longer, more rigorous teacher-training.

To combat the stats, many of our foreign teachers are in the process of getting accredited in Sweden by taking Swedish B. In a year or two these statistics won't be so negative.

In the meantime, Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet is proud of its international AND Swedish teachers. That's why we don't hide our qualifications. You can check them out for yourself on our Staff page.

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