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Qualified Teachers at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet

By Editor

A number of you have questioned the figures recently posted on Stockholm Stad's website relating to Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet. In particular, the fact that it states that 33 percent of are teachers have qualified status.

We would like to point out that:
1) this figure is from 2008, and
2) this figure does not take into account our teachers that have qualified teacher status from another country.



If you look at our Staff Page you will see that we list every member of staff's qualifications, and that a much higher percentage are qualified.

The page also shows a rather negative opinion of students studying in the school back in 2008. In a survey undertaken by Gymnasieintagningen in 2010 the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Those figures are stated on the following pages:

Truly international.
Outstanding teachers.
Safe environment.
Thanks to our international atmosphere we have a vibrant and supportive school community, where we believe that a student’s well-being is necessary for effective learning. We strive at all times to provide a safe and supportive, as well as an academically challenging, environment in which to study. Learn more ...