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Rhythm Day at IEGS

By Editor

This Friday, the 11th, there will be a "Rhythm Day" at IEGS. This consists of 2 interactive concerts for the entire school.

"It's something that we've been planning for a while," says music teacher Mr Glasser. "The concerts will consist of 3 world-class virtuoso drummers from 3 different traditions - Indian, West-African, and American - coming together for the first time on our stage in the IEGS Aula!"

The drummers will each present themselves, their instrument and their genre(s), and then they will try playing in different time signatures together. Students will have a chance to play with them too!

"This is a very exciting," says Mr Glasser. "School-wide assemblies of this nature are important for several reasons, the most crucial in my opinion being that they are a enriching experiences that stimulate students without the pressure of being assessed. Plus, they create balance to all the Inter House Competitions – which are undoubtedly wonderful!.

Curie and Russell will have the opportunity to attend the concert from 9:45-10:45; Pavlov and King from 1:15-2:15

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