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Salar Zabardast - Chasing the Dream in London

By Editor

Former Natural Science student Salar Zabardast was in touch this with a link to his newly released rap song "Let Me Welcome You - SMZ"

It's a song with a strong message and one Salar wanted to share with the community at IEGS.

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"It's mostly about discrimination in general but mostly towards Middle Easterners who are starting to feel ashamed of where they come from," Salar says.

Salar, who is currently studying Music Production and Sound Engineering in London, took a few minutes to tell us what he's up to.

IEGS: Where are you studying in the UK ?
Salar: I'm studying Intensive Music Production & Sound Engineering at Point Blanc London because I want to be able to produce my own music one day. I wanted to get a degree in sound engineering in case things don't go as planned and I have to get myself a stable job in the future! I can't think of myself working in another field of expertise [than music] which is why I decided to drop out KTH at the second year of the "Byggteknik och design" program to go to London and study music.

IEGS: Why did you choose to go there ?
Salar: I chose London because they had the program I wanted to study, their own record label, unlimited studio time in the best studios and very experienced teachers within the field of music production and sound engineering. I wasn't able to find that in Sweden.

IEGS: How did your time at IEGS prepare you for what you're doing in the UK?
Salar: IEGS prepared me for this in multiple ways and I can easily say that I wouldn't have gotten this far if I hadn't decide to start there the first day I came to Open House! Just 2 years ago I couldn't even grasp the thought of studying music production abroad but it all changed once I graduated and realized what I had gained from IEGS! I speak English as if I was born and raised here now thanks to the constant practice with my classmates outside and inside the classroom. I also got so many chances to perform at the school which boosted my confidence and I built bonds with some people, strong as if they were my real siblings! The teachers always helped me out whenever I needed them and gave me support and criticism on how to improve myself so I literally wouldn't have been here if it weren't for you guys which I'm forever thankful for!

IEGS: What do you miss most about IEGS and what's your favourite memory?

Salar: What I miss the most about IEGS is meeting all my friends at once and eating lunch in the school lunchroom together!

We have a very broad diversity of cultures at IEGS which I don't think is found in so many other schools. My favorite memory of IEGS is when I was performing He-ya and Airplanes in front of the school students and staff in the Aula; I had everybody cheering and believing in me! Those memories, the look on all my friends faces when I was performing, was priceless and that is what gave me the confidence to take the risk despite what my parents thought was right for me, and come here to London to take over!!

Where Are You Now ?

It's always brilliant to hear what IEGS graduates are up to. If you want to share your story, please contact Dr Buscall.

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