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Sam Lomas talks about the Boxing Club

By Editor

(Image: Sam Lomis)

IEG Latest News received an email this week suggesting we talk to Sam Lomas, a second year social science student, who is a bit of a star at the Boxing Club. Apparently he's been helping Mr Kendrick and Mr Maier run the club every week.

The word is Sam works so hard at coaching IEG students and really shines when he is there every Thursday and apparently he never misses a practice.


IEG: So how long have you been boxing?

Sam: Well, I've been in clubs before. But I've been active in the school Boxing Club since the first year. I saw a sign on a notice board about it and went along. I've been going regularly ever since.

IEG: What's it like sparring with Mr Kendrick, who has held his fair share of boxing titles in his time.

Sam: It's fun. But just because he's getting on, it doesn't mean you should take him any less seriously. The minute you slacken off he gets you. He's brilliant. A good laugh. And he's got all the moves still. You can't let your guard down. He can really hit you.

IEG: A little birdy told us that you beat Mr. Maier in a sparing match. Apparently you caught him with a really good right hand last week! How was that?

Sam: I didn't really think about it. Not whilst I was boxing. Of course, afterwards you get worried a bit. Then you feel something. Like, Oh my God, I just smacked a teacher. But Mr Maier was fine about it. He was very generous. He's a good boxer. Very, very strong. Evenly balanced. He just needs to work a bit on it and he'll be really good.

IEG: Tell us more about the Boxing Club. How does it work?

Sam: Mr Kendrick runs the club with Mr Maier. I help out as much as I can. If Mr Kendrick and/Mr Maier are away, I help out with coaching and training. We meet on Thursdays at 16:00 in the school gym. First of all Mr Kendrick gets us all warmed up with a good workout. Lots of running, sit-ups, and all that. Basic strength work. Plenty of running. Then we work on our technique. We look at how to move, how to get your foot work working. How to protect yourself.

If you're up for it we do some sparring. I don't always do it. Only when I feel fit and ready for it. Then I like to go a few rounds. We're always very careful on safety. Someone oversees the sparring and makes sure it doesn't get out of control.

Training usually goes on until 18:00. Anyone can come along. Sometimes we get a few people. Other times we get a lot. It's mostly girls, though. Some of them are really good boxers. They need to keep working on their strength and technique but they're really good. I'm impressed.

IEG: Isn't boxing dangerous? Have you ever got injured?

Sam: We always wear helmets but I've cracked my nose a few times. But you keep going. Work through it. I'm pretty cool about it and don't worry. You learn to carry on.

IEG: What with the risk of injuries, is boxing worth it?

Sam: Definitely! Boxing is a brilliant all round workout. You've got to be physically and mentally strong. It really helps your confidence, too. I definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to give it a try.

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