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Social Media Profiles Matter

By Editor

(Image: Not what an admissions officer wants to see)

IEG principal Benedikz and Dr Buscall, IEG's communications officer, visited Internationella Engelska Skolan Bromma (IES Bromma) Tuesday morning to talk to students about social media profiles.

"The idea was to show students some of the things IEG is doing with social media," says Dr Buscall, "as well as give students an insight into how to manage their own social media profile on sites like Facebook."

With university admissions staff and employers increasingly wising up to the existence of social media personal profiles it seems we all have to be more careful of what we share online.

A US report released earlier this year stated that: "College admission offices may take a student’s MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, or other online social networking activity into account during the college admission process, according to a paper released (members only) by the National Association for College Admission Counseling" (source)

"Although communities like Facebook allow users to protect sensitive information a lot of things you wouldn't want an employer or university admissions officer to see still get through," says Dr Buscall. "It's important students do a bit of personal branding and add useful headlines to, say, their photographs. We were all young once, but it's good to remind recruiters and admissions people that as well as having fun you're an achiever or a great student."

For example, compare two of the slides from Dr Buscall's lecture. The first at the top of this post is not likely to win any favour whilst the second gently shapes the reader's impression to a more positive response.

Amazing what a bit of copy can do!
Amazing what a bit of copy can do!

"Today's teens are digital natives, growing up online. All their experiences seem to be mediated via social media. The Net doesn't forget what you publish," says Dr Benedikz. "That's why we felt it was important to talk to students at Bromma, as well as Täby and Järfälla, about how they treat these sites."

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