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Social Science Students Excel in National Competition

By Editor

(Image: The EU Youth Parliament beckons for Patrik Björklund, Roza Azimi + Patrik Karimi)

Students from Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet have been selected to participate in the European Youth Parliament (EUP) in January 2010.

Schools from the whole of Sweden competed for the chance to take part but IEG was one of the few selected schools.

Schools were selected on the basis of essay submissions by students.

"The essays were in general of a high quality," said Helena Landelius, Chairperson of EUP Sverige, congratulating the list of winners which included IEG, Enskilda Gymnasiet, Franksa Skolan and Kungsholmens Gymnasium from the Stockholm region. "A jury read the submissions and selected schools were chosen to take part."

"I'm very pleased," said Mr Mohsen Kouba, Director of Studies at IEG. "A group of Ms Baird Skoog's students worked very hard to produce some excellent essays. We're all delighted at their success and look forward to seeing how they get on."

Photo: Mr Taylor
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