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In the Spotlight: The Peer Mentor Team

By Editor

You may have seen them around various events or selling snacks and muffins in the corridors and stairwells. They may have popped into the classroom during mentor time. Maybe they are the people you don't see, working diligently behind the scenes.

The Peer Mentor Team is a great group of student helpers who work hard to add additional support to the Student development and Health Team, as well as offer assistance in other school activities. They've offered free hugs to anyone in need of one, provide snacks and so forth in the hallways, and did a wonderful job in preparing for ghoulish celebrations over the Halloween weekend. I had the opportunity to ask Emma Håfström and Isabel Zelada (both peer mentors) a couple questions about their efforts at making the school a better place. For readability, I have combined their answers below.

What is it that you do exactly?

Essentially we want to be there for people in the school, particularly our assigned classes but also work as a team to acknowledge students so that they know who we are and that they can talk to us, we also try to get to know as many people as we can and do small every day things like saying hello in the corridors, things that could be so important to someone who has a bad day. We form important friendships that can really help all students, we lighten up the mood and people know that they always have someone to turn to other than the teachers.

How can others help?

Peer Mentors are simply there to encourage and to support, but the real work is done everyday by all of the students. We encourage:

- Smiles

- Random acts of kindness

- Respect - Fun

- Creativity

- Empathy


- To randomly distribute snacks is not viewed as bad behavior either...

And if you ever see a Peer Mentor behaving very oddly it is most likely because we are on a mission or it's just our personality; either way all we'll want back is a big smile!

Don't hesitate to ask the Peer Mentor Team for help when you see them around school. Great work to the team!

[Image courtesy of Felicia Vagi]

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