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Student Room in Full Bloom

By Student Guest

While the leaves are falling off the trees and the temperature is getting lower, the Student room at IEGS is in full bloom.

During the Autumn break, our dear board members in the Student Union made their way through the rain and wind to our school for one single purpose - to finish the makeover of our Student room. We were lucky enough to get an interview with board member Anne-Charlene Yago, acting vice president.

What has changed in the Student room since 2012? - We started off with the project during the end of 2012, when the Student Room had been emptied after being the old computer room. Since then, we've renovated it into a functional room primarily for the students. We have painted the walls to indicate specifically that the room is property of Student Union and brought in new furniture for a nicer atmosphere.

What is the purpose of the room now? - The purpose is to have a specific room for students where they can be while they are out of their lessons, or just be around their friends. We wanted the room to be like no other areas in the school, in order to make it clear for students that it is a place to relax, as opposed to a study environment.

Do you have a free period? Pay a visit to the Student room 2.0!

[Authored by Siri Rågeli & Laura Contreras Alvarez]

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