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Student Simon Kendall Reports on Skolvalet 2010

By Editor
Photo: Mr Jones

Election day came a few days early to Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet on Thursday, with participating representatives from each of the seven parliament youth parties debating questions put forward by the school’s students. At times the visitors to the school were slightly uninspired; nevertheless,, attendance - and enthusiasm - remained high throughout.

From the fiery, if somewhat haughty Leftist to the Christian Democrat in his spotless suit, it seems as though the party representatives reflected the stereotype of Swedish politics.

Each party representative was obviously well-informed but possibly a little uninspired, only only coming into their own on the controversial issues of taxes & welfare – so no surprises there, then!

With the debate taking place in English, –here were linguistic hiccups, of course - such as repeated mentions of the Alliance parties’ “tax cats” (which on the whole doesn’t sound like a terribly disagreeable vision). Clearly, speaking English put them at some disadvantage.

Through the two-hour panel debate, King & Curie students cheered and applauded each discussion. Losing no steam in the second half, eager students were then invited to pose new questions, with a liveliness that up until that point was largely absent from the debate.

Major highlights included the Centrist’s late blossoming and fierce and passionate critique of the Moderaterna party’s policy of tax cuts on household services, as well as the Christian Democrat’s assertion that he: “did not have sex with that woman!”

In the end, however, the true victors of the debate were not the party representatives themselves but the eenthusiastic audience.

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