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Students, it’s time to warm up your vocal chords!

By Student Guest

Boomboxes playing music in the corridors, students singing together with excitement, teachers happily humming the same songs over and over again... What's going on?

You see, right now it’s a special time of the year here at IEGS because tomorrow, it’s finally time for the school's song competition to take place!

The school's four houses will be competing against each other in the field of singing by performing one song each. The houses have gone through several weeks of blood, sweat and tears in order to take the judges' breath away with their performances. Lots of time, effort, and patience have been put into the competition by teachers and students - the judges can expect an exciting, high quality show!

However, since it’s a competition, only one house can be named the winner and take home the trophy… So, what does it take to win the competition? The judges will be evaluating the way in which the songs are performed by assessing the students’ ability of reaching notes, if they sing clearly or not, and their capabilities to sing together as a group. But there’s more to it than just nailing the musical part of the performance in order to get a high score. The judges will be giving points based on how professionally the houses manage to enter and leave the stage, meaning that students are expected to be at their best behavior during their performances if they want to have a chance of winning! The judges will also look at how the students are dressed; does the house have a clothing code that makes the students look united? Be prepared to see a lot of blue, red, green, and yellow on the day of the competition. This is an occasion where many students will be wearing their house ties and house-themed clothes to support and represent which house they belong to. And last but not the least, the judges will be giving additional points to the houses that show spirit, smiles, and let the audience know what it's like to have a good time on stage! There’s not much left to say other than good luck and may the best house win! [Authored by Johanna Bergström & Alexandra Fischerström]

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