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Summer Time 2019!

By Suma Venkatagiri

That summer time feeling is here! And with that, it means that another school year is drawing to an end. Reflecting over the year, I have a big Cheshire cat grin on my face. I am pleased and impressed with the successes accomplished by IEGS during the academic year of 2018/2019. There have been thousands of lessons, numerous events and activities both inter school and outer school that have taken place – too many to list here. The memories collected and shared from the year can only be contributed to our IEGS students and staff teams of teachers and administrators, as without you, the year would not be the same. I thank you for your commitment, dedication and hard work as this is what makes all the ideas in school, small or large, come to life and be such a success.

Our students bring new hope for the future and can contribute to change by the small things they do. The Brazilian poet and author, Paulo Coelho once said “No matter what one does, every person on earth plays a central role in the history of the world. And normally one doesn't know it.” These words are shared in his novel The Alchemist, one of my favourite reads! To me this highlights that though we may not always be able to see the bigger picture, by being brave to question, having integrity while working toward our goals, we nevertheless play our part in the big picture.

At this year’s graduation, I spoke about the responsibility our students have as the next generation to impact our world in which we live. I urged them to reflect on their actions in the future as they will impact on future generations to come. I wished them strength for their new journey ahead and hope that they are the generation (our post-millennials) that will be able to witness the impact they have on our world from a sustainable, green city, with a reduction in poverty and hunger, improved health, education, justice, equality and peace for all. This sounds more like a paradise world discovered by the Starship Enterprise, while on its mission to boldly go where no-one has gone before, rather than the 2030 United Nations agenda for Sustainable Development.

Similar words of responsibility were shared at our IEGS End of Year Show (Avslutning), when I addressed our first and second year students. I told them that I believe that our graduating class, our current and future students at IEGS can contribute to change, in their life and the world around them. They are our hope for a better future. I reminded our students to work with and take advice from our teachers as they are being prepared for the unknown. IEGS teachers encourage students to work collaboratively and with integrity. They teach them to be critical but open minded. These skills will serve them well in their future endeavours; to be brave and face the unknown, with resilience, without fear, to be honest, and be prepared to work hard, just like they do whilst with us at IEGS.

Taking time to reflect and rest are also important for us to bring change in the future. With summer time here, it allows us to take a break and reflect on the year passed, evaluate and prepare for the next phase. So now students and staff, enjoy your summer break, you deserve it. Rest, reflect, have fun, spend time with family and friends, be safe, and as always, I encourage you to read a book! Perhaps the Alchemist…...

Dr Heimeier

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