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Swedish National Debate Championship 2015

By Lydia Barsawme
On Friday October 16th, Dr. Whiteley took three teams from IEGS to participate in the Swedish National Debate. The three teams formed the Novice Team (Giulia, Angelyn, Jerry and Lisa), the Second Team (Iman, Mathilda and Dante) and the First Team (Heidi, Clara and Anton). 
Our Novice team of first years had an average draw for the preliminary rounds, against one very strong team and two weaker teams. Their performance, however, was very encouraging. After losing the debate against a strong VRG team, they won their next two debates by 3-0 margins. As such they broke first for the Novice Final (the only novice team to have two wins). Up against Lund in the final, they unfortunately lost on a split decision.
Our second team had a difficult draw, facing and losing against a couple of strong teams, and losing their last debate to a questionable decision. 
Our first team had a very favourable draw for the preliminary rounds and broke second for the semi-finals, winning all three debates by unanimous decisions. In the semi-finals, they were up against Kungsholmen's second team (with Kungsholmen's first team already eliminated in the preliminary rounds). This was won - by a split decision, but relatively comfortably - opposing the motion 'This House would implement a 'dislike' feature on Facebook and other social media platforms'. In the final, opposing the motion 'This House Supports Ground Troop Intervention in the War against IS', IEGS went in with a weak case and were beaten 5-0, losing - to Hvitsfeldska.
Three IEGS students have been selected to go to the National Selections to determine a team to represent Sweden at the World Championships, Anton, Clara abd Giulia. Congrats to all winners and to our students for their fantastic efforts!


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