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Teacher-made practice schedule for IHC Ensemble ‘is a success!’

By Editor

As the IHC Ensemble is approaching rapidly, all the house ensembles are currently enjoying a new teacher-made schedule for practicing, ensuring that everyone can use rehearsal places equally.

By this time a year, students taking part in the ensemble competition are busy rehearsing and perfecting their contribution for the yearly ensemble competition. Competitors from all houses are working hard to forge an immaculate performance for both the audience attending the show and of course the judges. It is therefore crucial for the students to use as much practice time as possible in the aula, where the ensemble practices are held as possible.

People taking part in IHCs know the, at times, frustrating endeavour of trying to book rooms or halls for practicing for whatever IHC it may be. Finding somewhere to prepare for competitions before the other houses is sometimes just as daunting as having to face them on the pitch or on the stage. As the organizer for the IHC Ensemble, Dr. Whiteley realized that this was becoming a problem.

“As people started to see what was possible, students became more ambitious. Everyone wants to have the aula and they all want it for as long and often as possible”, he said. In order to solve this he decided that he and the other responsible teachers would allocate times to the houses via a fixed schedule. “It is a fair and even system.”

Students agree. “All ensembles get the same amount of practicing time and it is really fair for everyone. Everything run much smoother this way”, says Alexandra Fischerström, captain of King House’s ensemble. “Of course, it is difficult at times, because it requires that it fits together with people’s individual schedule, but it is something that you have to adapt to.”
Also, after talking to other students involved, it became evident that a majority believed that this type of schedule can be applied in other competitions in school as well, since it has proven to be so effective and fair to everyone participating.

The annual IHC Ensemble is fast approaching and both students and teachers involved have devoted a lot of time and effort in order to show that their house ensemble is the best. The competition will take place in the aula, tomorrow, March 25th; be there and support your house to victory!

Authored by Vidar Bjurström, Gisselle Darman Cruz and Fred Lindahl.

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