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A Terrifically Terrifying Time at IEGS!

By Student Guest

Halloween is a time of year near to the IEGS heart. It is a time for dressing up, carving pumpkins, and decorating the corridors with cobwebs and ghosts, all in order to have an enchanting time.

Friday the 25th of October will be a day to remember, students as well as teachers will dress up in their most terrific and terrifying costumes in hopes of winning the prize for best-dressed, as well as leaving you shaking in your boots. In past years, costumes have ranged from Avengers, Joan of Arc, to the twins from The Shining and even Han Solo. The list is endless. Only last year, Mr.Jansson crept around the hallways, scaring students in his nun costume. This time who knows what will rise from the dead and come slithering through the entrance?

The Halloween festivities kicked off early this week with a splatter of creativity in the form of a pumpkin carving competition. On Monday (21st of October), the school’s Art Club handed out 20 pumpkins to people who were in the mood to be creative and innovative. Those participating in the competition have until Friday morning to carve their hearts out and bring their best designs to life in order to impress the judges. The panel of judges (Emma and Bianca SPA2D, Romeo NS3B and Theo NV1C) are looking for a personal and original design to take home the prize. Stay updated via e-mail on Friday to find out who the winner is.

For those of you who simply can’t get enough of this mystical holiday, there will be a Halloween party and lock-in taking place this Friday (25th of October) in the Gym Hall organised by SPD2F. The Halloween themed party full of seasonal games and contests will commence at eight o’clock in the evening. At the stroke of midnight the party will shut down, but fear not‚ for the fun will not cease at witching hour. It will continue in the form of a lock-in. The lock-in isn’t for the easily frightened, for there will be horror flicks on show throughout the entire night. If dressing up, playing scary games and watching frightening films sparks your interest, the party and lock-in is most definitely for you. However, beware, today is your last opportunity to buy tickets, if there are any left.

Have a hair-raising halloween and come dressed to impress to make this day evermore hauntingly frightful!

[Authored by Anna Zetterlund & Ina Låftman]

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