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Third Year Production, 2019

By Suma Venkatagiri

20th of February 2019 the IEGS had their premiere of Cluedo, a play based on the board game with the same name. The show follows seven strangers; the feeble-minded Colonel Mustard, the tragic Mrs White, the religious Mrs and Mr Peacock, the nervous Mr Green, the womaniser Professor Plum and the intriguing Ms Scarlet. They are all invited to the same party where there are two sneaky butlers and a mysterious host. Suddenly there is a murder, and the guests have to figure out who did it, where and with what.

I remember in the first year watching the then third-year drama students do their final show ‘’The Three Musketeers’’ and thinking about how our last show would look like. What play we would pick, who would play who and how the set would look like. However, it was 2 years left until we would actually get to perform the biggest play of our entire schooling, which seemed like an eternity away.

Fast forward 2 years later, we have just been told that we could not perform Lord of the Flies because the cast had to be all boys (the author’s demand). We were devastated to know this, but we did have other options. We ended up choosing Cluedo because we all felt like it really suited us, a better fit than Lord of the Flies. Ms Borgen and Mr Grape, our drama teachers, told us that it is the first time that they had worked with a play that was suggested by students.

Still, even if it was the perfect play for us, nevertheless we faced some difficulties as we went through it, like there were a lot of rooms that we had to get on the scene and some costumes were delayed. This play was also a challenge for most of us; someone who had only played comic relief suddenly got the part of a stern character; a person who prefers to play a man got to be one of the girliest characters and vice versa. This play was a challenge for all of us, but it was also one of the biggest and best things we all did together as a group and as individuals. We watched each other blossom in these challenges and become better actors because of it.

Even after the final performance, even with a lot of confusion and tears, it was always fun, even in the end when we had done it a hundred times. After our final performance, there was happiness and sadness. It felt strange, yet incredible to have done the same thing that I had seen in the first year, doing our own final production. We leave this school and all our characters on a high note. Thank you all for coming and watching the greatest performance of our lives. We hope that you loved it as much as we still do.

Aline Forsström

3rd year student, Aesthetic program

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