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Total Eclipse of the House

By Student Guest

The Interhouse Song Competition this last Tuesday was a battle between the four IEGS houses, Pavlov, Curie, Russell and King. We followed Sara Jannatirad on her journey as the choirmaster of Curie House.

The interhouse competition is a yearly tradition at IEGS. All four houses battle against each other for the honorable prize of 1st place. Each house chooses a song to perform

and the preparation requires weeklong song practices, lead by representatives from respective houses.

The Curie House choir was lead this year by Sara Jannatirad, of NS3B, one of the Curie House captains this term. Sara not only has a passion for her house, but also for music. Sara has written her own original songs and Curie House students were lucky to have an experienced musician as their organiser.

And speaking of getting lucky, the song originally chosen by Curie House was Get Lucky

by Daft Punk. However, circumstances made that the song had to be replaced with Total Eclipse of the Heart, by Bonnie Tyler.

Last Wednesday, the day after the IHC, we got a special interview with Sara who discussed the preparations, performances and perceptions of this year’s competition.

Why did you choose “Total eclipse of the heart”?

Total Eclipse of the Heart was a suggested song by Diba Vosta, house deputy, which was approved by Mr. Paul who has experience in choir singing.

What was the hardest thing to do at this year’s IHC?

– There were lots of complications and problems surrounding this year’s song IHC

but the hardest problem I would say was to organize approximately 170 students between the ages 15-19, boys and girls, all wanting to leave school as soon as possible and who don’t like to sing. It was challenging to organize practices, distribute information and still make it fun.

What was the most fun?

– When it worked and I saw that people understood the positive feedback. Also, the thought that it was my creation, that with no former experience in conducting a choir I was able to organise a massive group of people at something they probably rather not do. The feeling afterwards is invigorating.

Would you want to be in charge of the IHC next year as well?

– I would probably like to be in charge because of the feeling when approximately 100 people sing at you in full power, that is a special feeling. A feeling of success. This time I would of course aim to win it all and not only to have fun!

Pavlov took home the trophy this year. What do you think about that?

– They deserved it.

If you were to lead a choir again, what would you do differently?

– I would probably choose another song. As a matter of fact, I would risk it and go with Get Lucky. Now, I will always wonder if we would have made it. I’ll do Get Lucky one day…

[Authored by Mimmi Eriksson & David Antolak]

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