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Twitter Can Help with School

By Editor

Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet has been on Twitter since the summer.

During Gymnasiemässan we got a lot of traffic to the school website from Twitter and got into conversations with people in Stockholm and as far afield as China.

If you haven't explored what Twitter can do for you yet, why not give it a go?

You can access Twitter from your iPhone or Android using applications like TweetDeck, as well as your laptop, and as well as being a great social media tool, it can help your studies.

Here are Ten Suggestions Why You Should Be On Twitter:

1. Never miss an important message from IEG.

All the school's important info is broadcast to our network of followers. As soon as we update our website or Facebook Page, our Twitter account updates.

2. Get Help

Twitter can be like a virtual study room. Ask questions and get help from your followers and even strangers.

3. Share Ideas

Twitter is a great tool for sharing ideas and getting feedback. You can gather lots of useful help in a matter of minutes if you're planning an assignment or activity at school, or even looking for a cool café to visit somewhere!

4. Develop Your Personal Brand

University recruiters and employers are familiar with social media networks. If they google you and find quality tweets by you – helping your community, engaging with others – it's a great way of checking you out. But beware: everything you say can be seen unless you send a DM (direct message)

5. Stay Up-to-Date

Twitter is incredibly good for breaking news, with people on the scene often reacting quicker than official news channels. Tip: A tweet can be cheaper than a text message (sms) depending on your mobile phone subscription plan.

6. Communicate More Effectively

Expressing yourself in 140 characters is great for your writing skills, forcing you to be concise and to the point.

7. Share Pictures & Links

You can use Twitter to share links and photos with your followers, driving traffic to your blog or website, or if you just want to be social.

8. Improve Your Vocabulary

Not sure of what a word is in English. Ask Twitter. Translators and bookworms hang out on Twitter and may well help you.

9. Grow Your Network

Follow people in your field. Researchers, journalists, and all sorts of subject specialists are on Twitter. Building relationships with people on social media sites is likely to help you build your professional network.

10. Go Global

Follow tweeps (people on Twitter!) around the world to get a different perspective or view on things. Working on an assignment on India? Start a conversation on Twitter.


TweetDeck andTweetie are the easiest applications to use on your PC, Mac or smart phone. They'll help you get the most out of Twitter.

Golden Rules

  • Be nice.
  • Put a picture of yourself on your profile.
  • Don't spam people.
  • Follow interesting people or organisations and start talking.
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