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University of Oxford visit IEGS for third year in a row

By Editor

Caitriona Woolhouse, Head of Student Recruitment, from the University of Oxford visited Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet on Tuesday to talk about applying to Oxford.

This is the third year that Oxford have visited IEGS and we are delighted to host an information evening for upper-secondary schools in the Stockholm region.

Caitriona told students and parents who had come along to listen about England's oldest university and what it has to offers.

"We're an innovative university that's constantly adapting to the needs of students today," she said.

Caitriona went on to explain that the university is increasingly known for it's cutting edge research in the sciences as well as the humanities and social sciences. Students also got to hear just what it's like to live in one of England's prettiest cities with its beautiful lawns and wonderful architecture.

Oxford has a strong tradition of accepting international students and she encouraged students to apply – "as long as you're really interested in one of the key courses".

Caitriona explained that the selection process is primarily based on your academic performance and ability.

"That’s why it’s essential to demonstrate that you have gone the extra mile in your key subjects, perhaps reading above and beyond the set texts,” she said.

Although extracurricular activities like sports or music are worth mentioning on your personal statement when you apply, Caitriona stressed that it is demonstrating your academic merits and skills that counts most.

Candidates invited for interview are selected to visit Oxford and stay at college, undergoing a number of interviews over a 2-3 day period to assess their suitability.

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